Tesla has created a tiny house—the Tesla Tiny House, to be exact—to exhibit its energy products like solar panels and the Powerwall on the road in Australia. Hitched to the back of a Model X electric vehicle, the mobile home features a design studio and configurator to help homeowners learn about and experience how Tesla’s solar products can be integrated to power an entire residence.

The Tesla Tiny House measures 6 by 2.2 by 4 meters, or approximately 19.7 by 7.2 by 13.1 feet, and is clad in locally sourced, sustainable wood. The simple structure is also entirely powered by renewable energy using six solar panels—not the solar roof tiles, unfortunately—and a Powerwall, the company’s game-changing home battery with a built-in inverter.

Although the Tesla Tiny House is currently making the rounds in Australia, it’s taking requests for additional stops through their website. The tour offers one-on-one consultations on how much clean energy a home could generate and store using a Tesla system.

According to Electrek, Australia is an important market for Tesla, as the country has the highest “per capita penetration of rooftop solar,” with 15 percent of households, or about 1.5 million using solar energy.

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